Friday, July 18, 2008

Obama Here We Come

We're going to Denver in August to attend the 2008 Democratic National Convention. My partner J is a delegate for Barack Obama. I am not a delegate, but I hope to have an interesting experience at the convention, nonetheless. This blog is where we'll record our observations.

If you want to watch the whole convention online (you do? really? really?), you can do it here:

I'm looking forward to returning to the Denver area. I spent most of my formative years there, but I haven't been back since 1994.

One of the things I'm allowed to attend is the Interfaith Gathering that kicks the whole thing off (probably a tiny bit different than the one at the RNC). I can also attend a community open house at the Pepsi Center (a.k.a "The Can") and maybe some of the daily caucus and council meetings. I'm hoping to saunter, sneak, or beg my way into as many speeches and parties as possible. J will be extremely busy with her committee and delegate work, so I will also get to spend time with friends in the area, and go check out what my old hometown, Broomfield, looks like 24 years after I left.

I would love to see something like this:

But it'll probably be more like this, if I'm lucky: